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Welcome to the website

Who are we? We are The RoSPA West Midlands Advanced Motorcyclists' Group which is part of RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoADAR). That’s the techy bit done, basically we are a group of bikers who share a common cause and that is to improve road safety through training and practicing the techniques we have learnt. Our group is made up of people from all ages who share a love of all things motorcycle.

What do we do? The main aim of our group is to offer advanced training, regardless of experience to any rider who wants to improve their riding skills. We also offer:

  • Regular ride outs – a chance to practice and enjoy rides to various places with like-minded people (pillions are welcome too).
  • Monthly group meetings open to all irrespective of training level which may be either:
  • A training and development evening reinforcing the skills you have learnt.
  • Group talks by experts in their field from road safety to legal issues
  • Ride out with a training theme
  • Access to our member pages for discussions and information on various topics biker related

The group is run by its own voluntary Committee made up from members and any organised ride or event is open to all members.

How do we do it? Take a look at our training page for more information, Unless you are a full member of RoADAR (having passed the advanced test already) then you will join the Group as an Associate

Basically when you join our group, you will be allocated a trainer who will contact you and arrange to assess you so your training can be developed, your training is carried out on a one to one basis so you get full attention of your mentor.

Once you are ready, you can apply for your test and enjoy the benefits of your hard work and training to become a better safer rider.

Our aim is to encourage and help you, to develop your riding, achieve your full potential and become an advanced thinking and safer motorcyclist, whilst enjoying your riding.

Biking, but better……