Member Access

As soon as possible after joining the group, you will be allocated your own trainer and he/she will serve as your mentor until such time as you have passed your test. All our trainers have passed their test at Gold grade and have been trained and assessed to a very high standard in order to be able to help you achieve your full potential on your motorcycle. The training team consists of the Chief Training Officer, Senior Trainers and Trainers. They meet regularly to discuss training matters and ensure high standards of training.

If for any reason you find that you are not happy with your trainer every effort will be made to allocate a new trainer, as we are fully aware that not everyone will get on together. Once you have been paired up, it will be your responsibility to contact your trainer so that a mutually agreeable time, date and place can be arranged to meet. Should you be unable to keep your appointment please contact your trainer and cancel as soon as you can. Please, DO NOT just fail to turn up.

At the end of each training session the trainer and associate will discuss the ride together and you will be given a written report analysing each aspect of your riding. Finally, you will be given a summary and guidance for improvement and then arrange a new date and time to meet. It is important that you take note of advice given to you by your trainer and that you practice your riding between training sessions in order to make the best progress possible.

Training is also offered during club ride outs. In the summer organised ride outs are offered two Sundays each month and some evenings and in the winter they are once each month. This is an opportunity to have an extended training session, possibly with a different trainer. On the return journey the Associate will ride with the Group and get a taste of advanced riding in practice. A system of "Second man drop" means that everyone can ride within their own ability level and at their own pace without the concern of getting lost and with no pressure to keep up with the leaders.

All our trainers are volunteers and receive no reimbursement of costs, such as petrol, from the group. So if you feel it appropriate to make a contribution to the trainers' fuel costs or buy breakfast or coffee, please feel free. Please remember that they are giving their own time and using their own motorcycle and fuel freely to guide you through your test.